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Computer America - Rivetz; Neurometrix

Computer America’s Hangout On Air with Steven Sprague.

Tether and Rivetz Take Mobile Wallet Security To a New Level

It goes without saying that Tether has been gaining a lot of attention ever since launching their service. However, not all of that attention is positive, as Tether also becomes a high-value target for hackers and hoodlums. In order to step up their wallet security game, the company has partnered Rivetz. More

Rivetz Ensures ‘Passwords go Away’

Gone are the days of train robberies on horseback. However, as technology advances, so do criminals. In 2013 a report divulged that the malicious Malware Carbanak allowed perpetrators to transfer exorbitant amounts of money to fake accounts and ATMs, monitored by sophisticated sleuths. Allegedly the amount stolen is close to a staggering $1 billion, and opportunities continue to prevail. More

Keep Your Secrets Safe – YMB Podcast E68

Daniel will be chatting with Steven Sprague, the CEO of Rivetz. The tech startup is making it possible to securely store private keys on phones. Mr. Sprague will explain how this all works and why it should enable Bitcoin storage that is just as safe as a normal hardware wallet. More

Rivetz: Robust Digital Security for Mobile Devices

As we noted in the Factom story earlier today, Startup Debut is one of the events that we look forward to most at each passing SXSW. There were a bunch of interesting companies and products at this years event. The companies covered a wide range of industries, but for whatever reason there was a heavy emphasis on Bitcoin. Not necessarily the currency itself, but a lot of the auxiliary technology and protocols. One of the companies is Rivetz. More