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Rivetz and DataBroker DAO Partner to Deliver Secure Exchange of IoT Sensor Data

Press Release  -  02 Aug 2018

GSMA Announces Latest Event Updates for 2018 Mobile World Congress Americas, in Partnership With CTIA

FinancialPost24 Jul 2018

DFARS, NIST 800-171 and the Chinese Hack of American Submarine Technology

Journal of Cyber Policy24 Jul 2018

Rivetz Listing on FinanzTrends

FinanzTrends21 Jul 2018

Rivetz and Privus Partner to Deliver Hardware-Level Security to SecurLine App

Press Release  -  19 Jul 2018

Telefonica Will Work with Rivetz

FX16813 Jul 2018

Next-Generation Financial Service Humaniq Partners With Embedded Cybersecurity Leader Rivetz

Press Release  -  03 Jul 2018

Humaniq; le service financier de nouvelle génération s’associe au leader de la cybersécurité intégrée Rivetz

Global Banking & Finance Review03 Jul 2018

Blockchain Enterprise Security to Be Provided by Rivetz and Windmill

Global Banking & Finance Review21 Jun 2018

Windmill Announces Rivetz Partnership

Press Release  -  19 Jun 2018

Rivetz Tees Up Another Enterprise Security Combination with Windmill Over Cognida Network

The Blockchain Domain19 Jun 2018

Relationship Goals: Rivetz and Cognida Partner to Make The Internet Better

Cloud Computing Magazine19 Jun 2018

Rivetz and Cognida Team Up To Tackle Growing Mobile Device Security Threats

Mobility Tech Zone19 Jun 2018

Meet The Women of The Blockchain: Amy Vernon VP At Rivetz Corp

Yitzi Weiner15 Jun 2018

Rivetz with Steven Sprague

The Blockchain Show15 Jun 2018

13 Blockchain Insider Tips With Amy Vernon

Authority Magazine12 Jun 2018

Episode 10: Amy Vernon of Rivetz and Evan Bayless

PRN.FM12 Jun 2018

Cybersecurity: Success within reach

G7 Magazine08 Jun 2018

The Bitcoin Foundation's Llew Claasen and BnkToTheFuture's Simon Dixon to Join All Star Lineup For TokenMarket 2018

Press Release  -  06 Jun 2018

Rivetz Enhances Security for Blockchain-based Apps with Trustonic

Global Banking and Finance Review06 Jun 2018

Rivetz Acquires DISC to Add Mobile Payments Platform and Enable Blockchain-Secured Smart Money

Press Release  -  06 Jun 2018

Rivetz acquires DISC

Bankless Times05 Jun 2018

11 Questions for a Crypto Community Manager — Amy Vernon, Rivetz

Omnisparx05 Jun 2018

Entrepreneurs Lament Lack of Diversity in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Modern Consensus29 May 2018

How Rivetz and Telefónica Are Reshaping Mobile Security

The Merkle27 May 2018

Episode 89 Interview w/ Steven Sprague of Rivetz part 1

Crypto Centz Podcast23 May 2018

International Communications Companies Deploy Blockchain-Based Security Solution for Mobile Users

Nasdaq17 May 2018

Telefónica and Rivetz Team Up to Deliver Blockchain-Based Security for Mobile

NewsBTC17 May 2018

Rivetz and Telefónica Come Together to Develop Blockchain-Based Security for Mobile

The Merkle17 May 2018

Telefónica Partners with Rivetz to Develop Blockchain-Based Security Solution for Mobile

CryptoVest16 May 2018

Rivetz review ($RVT) - 5min read

IPA-News16 May 2018

Telefonica e Rivetz insieme per il futuro delle telecomunicazioni

The Cryptonomist14 May 2018

Telefónica desarrolla la seguridad de los móviles basándose en blockchain

Perspectiva14 May 2018

Telefônica anuncia importante parceria com startup de blockchain

Criptomoedas Fácil14 May 2018

Blockchain startup to assist Telefonica in securing smartphone apps

The Payers14 May 2018

Telefonica trabaja con startup de blockchain para asegurar apps en teléfonos inteligentes May 2018

Telefonica и Rivetz улучшают безопасность смартфонов

Jourtify12 May 2018

Spanish Telecom giants join hands with Blockchain Technologies to develop solutions to secure mobile applications

chaindd12 May 2018

KuCoin Exchange introduced mandatory verification for users

MyCrypter11 May 2018

Spanish Telecommunication Giant Cooperates with Blockchain Security Technology to Secure Smartphone Applications

BitRating11 May 2018

Telefonica, Blockchain Startup Team Up to Secure Smartphone Apps

CoinDesk11 May 2018

Telefónica and Rivetz Collaborate on Decentralized Security for Mobile Users

Press Release  -  10 May 2018

Telefonica, Rivetz develop decentralized security for mobile users

BanklessTimes10 May 2018

Bob’s Repair, Rivetz, and Bob McDermand on CEO Money

CEOMoney23 Apr 2018

Rivetz: New Tokens on the Bancor Network

Bancor09 Apr 2018

Rivetz Corporation: An Overview

Lunyr02 Apr 2018

Rivetz: Can Blockchain Remedy Corporate Security Headaches

Enterprise Security Magazine01 Apr 2018

Rivetz Partners with On-Demand Education Marketplace ODEM

Press Release  -  30 Mar 2018

ORCA Platform Integrates Rivetz for Enhanced Security Controls

Press Release  -  29 Mar 2018

Announcing Telecom Council's Innovation Showcase Class of 2018

Press Release  -  28 Mar 2018

Rivetz Partners with UbiatarPlay to Provide Cybersecurity to Avatar-Based Marketplace

Press Release  -  28 Mar 2018

What is Rivetz (RVT)? | A Beginner’s Guide

CoinCentral20 Mar 2018

What is Rivetz (RVT)? A Beginner's Guide

CoinCentral20 Mar 2018

DailyCrypto Guest: Steven Sprague, CEO at Rivetz

Daily Crypto17 Mar 2018

Adding Ripio, New ETH Assets, CashAddr, and Sending to Bech32 Addresses

Exodus Movement17 Mar 2018

Podcast: Mobile phone security gets the needed upgrade with Rivetz cyber-controls and a decentralized trust model

Telecom Reseller16 Mar 2018

New investors discovering they have hefty tax bills to pay may be contributing to bitcoin's fall

CNBC15 Mar 2018

Rivetz and Deco.Network Partner to Enhance Security for Collaborative Licensing and Payments

Press Release  -  13 Mar 2018

12 Entrepreneurs Explain the Impact of Blockchain Technology on Business

Teach a CEO07 Mar 2018

Rivetz Acquires CyberDeadbolt

Press Release  -  07 Mar 2018

Cryptocurrency Thought Leader Bradley Rotter With New Use Cases for Crypto Based Solutions

CTOVision.com04 Mar 2018

Rivetz - Coin Market Wolf

Coin Market Wolf03 Mar 2018

Cryptocurrency investor sees gold in the tokenized infrastructure

Silicon Angle02 Mar 2018

Disruption by Blockchain Part 58: Steven Sprague – Rivetz

DisruptorDaily28 Feb 2018

Rivetz Partners with Dogezer to Provide Enhanced Security Capabilities

Press Release  -  26 Feb 2018

Rivetz Partners with to Provide Advanced Security Capabilities

Press Release  -  21 Feb 2018

Rivetz — Steven Sprague, CEO and Cofounder — An Intuitive Approach to Cybersecurity for a Simpler Blockchain Experience

FutureTech Podcast07 Feb 2018

The tip of the iceberg: 800 million idle hardware wallets

International Business Times31 Jan 2018

Building trust into hardware: A conversation with Steve Sprague

Journal of Cyber Policy29 Jan 2018

Build a community for an ICO – Amy Vernon, Head of community of Rivetz

Blockchain Marketing28 Jan 2018

33 Takeaways From The World Crypto Economic Forum Via Twitter

Blockchain Today27 Jan 2018

PolySwarm and Rivetz to Form Decentralized Cybersecurity Consortium

Press Release  -  19 Jan 2018

Rivetz Partners with Verif-y for Application Security and Private Key Management

Press Release  -  17 Jan 2018

Bitcoin Takes Off in Santa Cruz

GoodTimes15 Jan 2018 - Proud to announce that Steven Sprague @skswave, the CEO of @RivetzCorp has joined our team as an Advisor.

Twitter11 Jan 2018

Experts Weigh In on Intel Security Vulnerabilities

SecurityToday09 Jan 2018

Rivetz to Provide Advanced Data Security for Lucyd Smartglasses

Press Release  -  08 Jan 2018

Rivetz Partners with CRIP.TO to Enable Interoperability Between Hardware Security Solutions

Press Release  -  08 Jan 2018

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency 2018 Predictions – Part III

BlockTribune28 Dec 2017

Rivetz Joins the Trusted IoT Alliance

Press Release  -  27 Dec 2017

Blockchain ID For Mobile Bypasses Phone Operating Systems

BlockTribune21 Dec 2017

Away With User-based Security, In With Device-based Protection

CIOStory20 Dec 2017

Rivetz Partners with Agrello on Secure Identity Solutions

Press Release  -  19 Dec 2017

Great Chemistry: Rivetz and Ammbr Announce Collaboration

Finance Magnates02 Nov 2017

Rivetz to Provide Ammbr Network with Device-to-Blockchain Authentication

CryptoNinjas01 Nov 2017

Ammbr Partners with Rivetz for Enhanced Network Security

Press Release  -  01 Nov 2017

Mapping the blockchain project ecosystem

TechCrunch16 Oct 2017

Rivetz Joins Chamber of Digital Commerce as Executive Committee Member

Press Release  -  28 Sep 2017

Rivetz, Telefonica Partner to Provide Cybersecurity Services

Block Tribune11 Sep 2017

Rivetz and Telefonica Partner to Improve Mobile Device Security

Press Release  -  07 Sep 2017

Touch Titans adopts Rivetz Next Generation Cybersecurity for Cryptocurrencies

Press Release  -  06 Sep 2017

Interview with Rivetz CEO Steven Sprague

Cryptos R Us02 Sep 2017

Rivetz and myGeoTracking Partnership, to Provide State of the Art Device Security for Mobile Field Employees

TokenMarket28 Aug 2017

The Bitcoin Podcast - Episode #149: The Rivetz Security Project

The Bitcoin Podcast27 Aug 2017

The Right to Build Real Security: Thoughts on Apple and the FBI

AlleyWatch18 Aug 2017

Rivetz, Protecting Devices with Rivet Tokens

GearBrain15 Aug 2017

ICO Analysis: Rivetz International (RvT)

Hacked10 Aug 2017

Rivetz Takes in $5.5M during Cypersecurity Token Private Presale; BnkToTheFuture & Tally Capital Buy In

Crowdfund Insider10 Aug 2017

Rivetz Raises $5.5 Million in RvT Token Pre-Sale; Public Token Crowdsale Begins Today, Capped at 200,000 ETH

Press Release  -  10 Aug 2017

Rivetz Partners with LAToken to Boost Marketplace Security on Mobile Devices

CryptoNinjas09 Aug 2017

National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence Selects Rivetz to Collaborate on Multifactor Authentication for E-Commerce Project

Press Release  -  08 Aug 2017

Rivetz International Partners with LAToken to Boost Marketplace Security on Mobile Devices

Press Release  -  08 Aug 2017

Rivetz Provides Multi-Factor Authentication And Secures Blockchain Transactions Through Built-In Security

Superb Crew04 Aug 2017

Rivetz Partners with Parity Technologies to Improve Cyber Security on the Blockchain

Press Release  -  03 Aug 2017

Digital currency start-ups shrug off SEC warning on fund raising

Reuters27 Jul 2017

Interview with Steven Sprague from the Rivetz

African Crypto News18 Jul 2017

Rivetz to Provide Security for CoinPouch Cryptocurrency Wallet

Finance Magnates09 Jul 2017

Interview with Steven Sprague, CEO & co founder Rivetz Project

KCN News06 Jul 2017

Introducing a blockchain-based security token

Enterprise Times05 Jul 2017

Rivetz Introduces Decentralized Cybersecurity Token to Secure Devices

Press Release  -  01 Jul 2017

Rivetz Introduces Decentralized Cybersecurity Token to Secure Devices

Blockchain News30 Jun 2017

Rivetz Introduces Decentralized Cybersecurity Token

The Paypers30 Jun 2017

4 Emerging Cloud Computing Security Risks Infosec Pros Need to Know About

Rasmussen College01 Nov 2016

Bitcoin and the Role of Known Devices

AlleyWatch12 Sep 2016

Cyber Security and Blockchain

AlleyWatch16 Jun 2016

This is Why Mobile Security is a Feature Every User Wants

AlleyWatch21 Apr 2016

Rivetz Ensures 'Passwords go Away'

BraveNewCoin23 Apr 2015

How Rivetz Uses Your Smartphone to Secure Your Mobile Bitcoin Wallet

CoinDesk03 Mar 2015

Rivetz Teams with Trustonic to Secure Mobile Bitcoin Wallets

Press Release  -  01 Jul 2014

Belt, Suspenders and Duct Tape – Securing Our Data

AlleyWatch15 May 2014

Adding a Few Billion Dollars in Cyber Security to the Cryptocurrency Market

AlleyWatch01 Mar 2014