2-Factor Authentication

Secure your 2FA accounts with the TrustZone in your mobile device.

Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Coinbase, Binance, work accounts, and more – OATH time- and counter-based one-time passcodes.

Trust that your device is in a known condition
Protect your 2FA codes from unwanted screen capture*
Control your backup, recovery, and keys

Rivetz Authenticator protects your identity using the TEE, secure hardware that’s already embedded in most mobile devices

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Stay Safe with Easy 2FA

  • Passwords are reused, stolen, phished and hacked — quite simply, the username-password model is weak and will leave you vulnerable
  • Using hardware-based two-factor authentication, you can quickly verify your identity and fortify your accounts against attackers
Rivetz Authenticator Application
Rivetz Authenticator Backup

User-controlled Encrypted Backup

  • Backs up all your services to an encrypted file that you control
  • Secures your backup with a 12 or 24-word Recovery Phrase
  • Restores services to new or additional devices effortlessly

Enhanced Security

  • Generates codes in the Trusted Execution Environment, leveraging advanced isolated execution with hardware protections
  • Monitors the state of your mobile device and disables code generation when it changes
  • Displays codes in the Trusted User Interface — a shield against spyware*
  • Functions completely offline, within your device — we never see your keys, codes, or even backups
Rivetz Authenticator Security

Access Critical Services with Hardware-Level Privacy

Rivetz Authenticator generates 2FA codes for your most important services within your device’s secure processor, the Trusted Execution Environment. These critical codes can then be displayed in the Trusted User Interface for enhanced security and never be exposed to the Android operating system, malware, or any other app.

Trust Your Device to be Unaltered and Secure

With the Rivetz Device State check, you can rest assured that your device is in the same known condition it was last time you used it. Now you’ll always know if your device has been altered and you can take immediate action. If we notice any changes to your hardware or operating system when you launch Rivetz Authenticator, we’ll lock down your 2FA codes until you’re confident that your device is clean.

Control Backups and Never Lose Access to Your Services

Back up your authentication services with industry-standard encryption in seconds and restore them to a new device just as easily. There’s no need to rely on our cloud or anyone else’s – you maintain full control of your backup file and mnemonic recovery key. Enjoy backup that is simple and secure, just as all your digital experiences should be.

How does Rivetz compare?

Rivetz Authenticator is leading the transition to hardware protection. The traditional approach to app-based 2FA one-time passwords is to generate codes in software, exposing them to the Android operating system and potential malware. Rivetz Authenticator is built from the ground up with hardware-based trusted processing.

The previous generation of 2FA apps either don’t back up your services or force you to trust their cloud backups. Rivetz Authenticator puts the control of backup and recovery back in your hands with a transparent, user-controlled process that allows you to save encrypted backups however you choose – email them to yourself, save them locally, upload them to your favorite secure storage service.

Unlike other Authentication apps, Rivetz leverages the hardware-based Trusted Execution Environment and provides peace of mind by giving you complete control over your services without collecting your data or compromising your privacy.

Device Compatibility

Ensuring broad device compatibility and secure hardware-level processing is tricky -- each device manufacturer implements TEE access differently. So, what does this mean for you and the Open Beta?

If you’re on a Samsung smartphone running Android OS 7 or above, you should be good to go! Samsung has invested significantly in TEE optimization and, as they are the most popular Android brand globally, it made sense for us to focus our development efforts on supporting Samsung devices as comprehensively as possible. Should you notice compatibility issues, we’d love to hear from you at support@rivetz.com

As for devices from the other leading Android manufacturers, including LG, Motorola, HTC, and Sony, we are working hard to fully supported their devices as soon as possible.

Supported Standards

Rivetz Authenticator supports the Initiative for Open Authentication’s (OATH) time-based one-time passwords ( TOTP), which are used by most top web services that employ 2FA. We also support the hash-based message authentication code (HMAC) standard, which we implement as HMAC “counter-based” one-time passwords ( HOTP). Supporting these open standards means that no proprietary server-side component is necessary.

What about the RvT token?

We’ve chosen not to erect a paywall for our maiden launch. After all, this is an Open Beta and we want to encourage everyone to give it a go by making it easy and free for all to download and explore.

While this release of Authenticator does not yet require the use of our RvT token, we expect the first use of tokens to be wrapped around attestation services. Rivetz Authenticator’s core functionality of securely generating your 2FA codes in the TEE will remain free. As the Open Beta progresses, we may charge a fee to those who would like to continue enjoying our awesome Device State Check and Backup & Recovery services.

You’ll soon be able to purchase RvT securely from our Rivetz Store using a major payment card, bitcoin, or Ethereum.

For Developers

Rivetz Authenticator is sponsored and officially published by Rivetz International. Developers are encouraged to build their own authentication app that uses both the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) and Trusted User Interface (TUI) on compatible Samsung devices for a truly secure display of codes and recover phrases and more by using our developer Toolkit. Visit developer.rivetz.com for details.