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When you can trust a device to provide secure uncompromised instructions and transactions, you can deliver more value with more convenience.


Simply connect trusted hardware to web services.


Deliver uncompromised instructions and transactions.

Build a new level of
trust with Rivetz.

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Mobile Security is a feature every user wants

Today millions of new smart devices include the most advanced state-of-the-art security standards. Every app and service provider should fully exploit the embedded protections delivered by the latest generation hardware. In today’s mobile market safety, whether that... read more

How better security improves the user experience:

Building the business case for Rivetz is very straight forward and ties into many of the core challenges in computing today. Security is a topic that is often left as an afterthought, while user experience is at the forefront of the product plan. We all know that an... read more

The Federal Breach of Personnel Records

Modernization of the network may never happen with the IT leadership we have. The old model for protecting information that relies on ports, wires and users is broken. It has been broken for a decade and the hacking tools are reaching a level of maturity that make... read more

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