Rivetz Secure Identity Solution

Rivetz provides world-class security, giving you higher quality

User Experiences

Rivetz Developer Toolkit

Secure your users' experience with the Rivetz Developer Toolkit

Passwords, pin numbers, and 64-character private keys consume time, increase risk and interrupt your relationships with customers.

Security shouldn’t be tacked on, it should be built-in and provide a convenient user experience where trust is inherent.

The Rivetz Developer Toolkit will:
  • Provide assurance that the device accessing your service has permission to do so
  • Reduce the burden on tech support with easy-to-use encrypted storage and backup
  • Allow for a simple user experience, with built-in security

Using the installed Rivetz Adapter App along with the trusted execution environment in your customer’s device, the Rivetz Developer Toolkit will deliver your service in a secure and simple way.

Users need only to keep track of their devices – the Rivetz Toolkit takes care of the rest.

Rivetz Authenticator

Rivetz Logo Rivetz TEE Vault

Intuitive authentication in a trusted environment

The need for layered security is undeniable and should be a part of everyone’s login process to protect against phishing attacks, fraud, and identity theft. Rivetz Authenticator offers peace-of-mind in a simple app, backed by Rivetz' core hardware-security capabilities.

Rivetz Authenticator uses the trusted execution environment to store and create two-factor authentication codes in your device's hardware. Along with an encrypted backup and restore feature, this provides the user with a safer alternative to SMS and other software-only two-factor authentication options.