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When you can trust a device to provide secure uncompromised instructions and transactions, you can deliver more value with more convenience.


Simply connect trusted hardware to web services.


Deliver uncompromised instructions and transactions.

Build a new level of
trust with Rivetz.

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What is Trustless?

RE: Living in a Trustless World – Shelly Palmer Shelly riffs off what many others have identified as the true innovation of Bitcoin, the Block Chain. We see here the recurring role of the Internet to co-opt entire institutions and their function, but this one is... read more

Demo of Rivetz with BitPay

This demo uses two Galaxy 4 phones. One set up as a BitPay Point of Sale terminal. The other equipped with Rivetz and our demo wallet app Rosie. Bitcoin held in the secure hardware of the device is used to pay for a small charge. Trusted User Interface ensures user... read more

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